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Thekkekuriz – The Granary of blessings
THEKKEKURIZ- The granary of blessings for people all around is as old as the church of St. Stephen's Bes-Ania Jacobite Syrian Valiya pally.

Centuries back, the areas of Keerampara, Kallad , Karingazha, during the rice harvest period, the harvest was destroyed by some unknown power. Finding something mysterious in this , the predecessors of the area built a Holy Cross in the name of Mor Geevarghese Sahada. After this there was no destruction of the harvest as the legends say. The Kurisumthotti was rebuilt in November 27th , 1957 and the consecration was performed . Daily thousands of people visit the Kappella in gratitude and joy for blessings received and also for blessings sought. People tormented with worries and disease come here with candles to pray and obtain immense relief. People of different religions , especially on Fridays , come till midnight to give their offerings. Every Friday there is Holly Mass at 7.30 A.M. Every Sunday , after the Holy Mass there is incense rituals( Dhoopa Prarthana) in the chapel. Every year on April 24th Mor Geevarghese Sahada's Memorial Feast is celebrated.
chelad besania church
11-Apr-2016, 12:00:00:am
chelad besania church
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